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April 2017

IN THIS ISSUE - April 2017

  • Stella McCartney Shopping Experience
  • Board Spotlight
  • Sponsor Spotlight
  • Kentucky Derby Viewing Party

Stella McCartney Shopping Experience

On March 30, Stella McCartney and The Project teamed up to create an exclusive shopping experience at their boutique located in the luxury River Oaks District in Houston, TX.   Not only did the Stella team reveal the 2017 Summer Collection, they also provided the opportunity to raise funds for our cause by donating back a percentage of the evening’s proceeds. The most popular item of the night was the Falabella handbag featuring McCartney’s signature diamond cut chain trim. McCartney prides herself in creating all of her handbags from non-leather and cruelty-free materials. This Shop for a Cause Event was proudly hosted by Dr. Kelly Thorstad and Ms. Alison Waters. The night was a huge success and great thanks goes to all of our supporters and board members in attendance!  In addition to our hosts, attendees included:  America Strader, Sandra Harris Fulks, Emma Merrifield, Kiff Doerr and Boran & Becky Buturovic.


Cynde Jones, a contract manager for Accenture supporting State of Texas clients, began her journey with Texas Advocacy Project when she first started volunteering through Accenture 10 years ago. She immediately fell in love with The Project.  Jones commented, “The Project’s mission is truly a gem among gems. The services they provide are truly life-changing for their clients. By sharing their mission and being an avid supporter, it gets the word out to any Texan that could be affected by domestic violence. That knowledge and access is the survivor’s power.” As a board member, Jones’ goal is to continue to promote The Project’s mission, increase the Project’s visibility, and build an army of Teen Ambassadors to prevent future abuse. Jones is extremely passionate about the Teen Ambassadors of Hope program and she is the proud mother of Hunter who is currently serving as a Teen Ambassador Legacy. On Hunter’s experience, she said, “He has literally grown up at the Project and I love seeing the leadership skills and confidence the Teen Ambassadors of Hope built in his character.” Furthermore, Jones also enjoys the fundraising aspect of The Project. She has served as Auction chair and Co-Chaired the Black and White Ball. Jones feels, “It is truly amazing to see the benefit of every dollar raised towards client services.” Aside from being very active with the Project, Jones can often be found enjoying a nice bowl of queso in the city she has called home for 28 years, Austin, TX!

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT - The Rustic Tap, Brett Berry

Where Texas Past Meets Texas Pride is the perfect slogan to describe the cozy oasis on West 6th Street called Rustic Tap. This establishment is known as a hidden gem in downtown Austin and the perfect spot for anyone looking for a backyard feeling in the heart of the city. Rustic Tap’s, Co-Owner Brett Barry, originally from a small Texas town, moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State and fell in love with the Austin area.  Throughout college, Barry started bartending as a way to make money and be social at the same time.  After graduating college and taking on various full-time jobs, including a stint at a major national insurance company, he could not pull away from his passion of bartending. Eventually he decided to take the leap and open Rustic Tap.  Texas Advocacy Project is grateful that we were introduced to Brett through Project Manager Jose Paez and that Rustic Tap has agreed to sponsor and host our Inaugural Kentucky Derby Viewing Party!  The upcoming event will be held Saturday, May 6thfrom 4 to 7 pm.  Upon hearing The Project’s mission, Barry immediately agreed to help stating, “My goal for hosting the event is the help spread the mission and highlight the hard work of The Project.  If we [Rustic Tap] can help alleviate some stress on The Project by raising funds, then we’re all in.”  Come watch the Derby with us and enjoy a signature Tito’s Mint Julep featuring vodka from co-sponsor, Tito’s.  This drink was crafted especially for the Derby party by Brett Barry himself!  Rustic Tap is located at 613 W. 6th St, Austin, TX  78701