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January 2017

IN THIS ISSUE - January 2017

  • Texas Advocacy Project Recognizes National Stalking Awareness Month
  • New Website Coming Soon!
  • Staff Spotlight - Meet Jeremy Rathke 

Texas Advocacy Project Recognizes National Stalking Awareness Month

In light of National Stalking Awareness Month, Texas Advocacy Project is helping bring awareness to the overwhelming growing statistics of stalking. In one year, in the United States alone, 7.5 million people are stalked, mostly by someone the victim knows. That was the case for Nancy*, a Texas Advocacy Project client, who was scared her ex-boyfriend may kill her.

When Nancy came to Texas Advocacy Project, she had already removed herself from a toxic relationship. However she lived in fear as he harassed her, repeatedly messaging her and trespassing on her land. Her stalker got a job near where she lived, a tactic often used to be close to the victim. He sent her medical bills in the mail and threatened to kill Nancy and himself.

Nancy turned to Texas Advocacy Project for help where staff attorney Amy Wilson helped her work through the courts to get a protective order for family violence and stalking. She says she feels safe knowing that if her stalker ex-boyfriend, comes near her or harasses her, she can call the police to enforce her protective order.

According to the, National Center for Victims of Crime, “the majority of stalking victims are stalked by someone they know: 61% of female victims and 44% of male victims of stalking are stalked by a current or former intimate partner, and 25% of female victims and 32% of male victims are stalked by an acquaintance”. 

Texas Advocacy Project works relentlessly to fight against stalking through education, victim support and training. Throughout January, Texas Advocacy Project will bring awareness to stalking, to help diminish these statistics.

(*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client)

New Website Coming Soon!

Texas Advocacy Project is excited to announce the launch of our new website at the end of this month. The site is phase one of a technology overhaul intended to make access to services easier for potential clients, partner agencies and community supporters. The site will be resolvable for both mobile and computer usage allowing users to access it wherever they are. The redesign is the creation of M Group Agency and will improve the structure, organization, and navigability of the site so that clients and attorneys can find the information they need more easily.  With the new site, staff will be able to update all forms, events, and content so that you -our audience- will have the timely information you need! Phase one of the website project was graciously funded by the Swalm Foundation. Stay tuned for information on phase two, funded by the Texas Bar Foundation, later this year!

We invite you to check our social media pages later this month for the official launch date.

Meet Jeremy Rathke 
Texas Advocacy Project's New Director of Development & Communications

1. Why are you passionate about working at Texas Advocacy Project?
I reached the point in my career were I longed for more challenging and personally fulfilling work.  Over that past 9 years I have gotten to know the wonderful leadership and mission of Texas Advocacy Project and cannot think of a better place to work tirelessly for a great cause.

2. How do your experiences help shape you to be the new Development/Communications Director?
I want to take everything I’ve learned in the for-profit world of luxury retail from relationship building to strategizing for profitability and bring it to The Project.  Of course there will be a shift from creating desire for a product to creating a desire for helping with a cause- but I am up for the challenge!

3. As a previous supporter of the Texas Advocacy Project, what is one idea you would like to bring to Texas Advocacy Project?
Being more diversified in fundraising events is one idea to increase Texas Advocacy Project’s brand recognition.  While our large scale events are highly successful, I believe we need to share our passion with philanthropists of all means. I’d like to increase the quantity of small-scale events perhaps reaching out to the yoga/fitness communities in Austin.  These groups tend to have younger, upwardly mobile members that can get behind a cause with small donations now and the potential to make larger gifts in the future.

4. Tell us a unique fact about yourself?
I played trumpet in the University of Texas Longhorn Band (THE Showband of the Southwest!).  Hook ‘Em!

5.What is your favorite dish?
I’m really into grain salads right now as they allow you to be healthy but actually get full.  My favorite is roasted beets with barley and feta cheese.  My favorite guilty pleasure is burgers and beer from Twisted Root Burgers.