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Do you have testimonials or comments from former clients?
"I like that they made you feel very important and my choices in life were never wrong or my fault. Always had an answer to my questions."

"My attorney took the time to understand me and then my case went a lot smoother for that. She never let me feel unsure about my cases. Thank you!"

"We were well informed and just a dial away from legal help. [My attorney] was absolutely awesome about returning calls, keeping me informed; keeping me calm and assuring me she was in control of the issues. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

"I felt safe knowing an attorney was representing me and was by my side to defend me. They returned my calls ASAP. It is an excellent agency. They answered all questions I had. They return all my calls. They were speedy and accurate and handled my case in a very professional manner. Thank you so much for representing me."

"I learned about abuse and how to identify it. The legal help made a difference to make me strong enough to get a divorce. I for one could not afford a divorce otherwise. I was totally pleased with all services: very, very grateful."

"[My attorney] kept me sane through a very scary process and saw me on to the final divorce. [She] saved my life, literally. I was desperate, terrified, ignorant and exposed. [My attorney] was my champion. When the Texas Advocacy Project called to take my case, everything hopeless began to fall away. I could focus on the steps required to press on to victory. I cannot say enough to express how professional, kind, strong, focused, and just plain smart I think [my attorney] is. She is truly amazing. I was blessed."

"I live a more peaceful life. I am really happy about the services that I received. It helped me a lot. I am very, very satisfied."

"[The legal services] made me so strong enough to stand on my own, that I know I am able to do it."

"My husband became aware that I was no longer alone. It was encouraging to me to know that I had help. Your services are a godsend. My attorneys were very professional and courteous at all times. They relieved me of the financial burden, but most of all they helped me emotionally. It gave me freedom from a marriage that was violent and volatile. I am so grateful to everyone at your organization. I have nothing but high praises for all that you have done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your patience, your understanding and hard work. God bless you all."

"I knew the correct legal steps were being taken. I was very frustrated doing it on my own. I see why women give up and go back: too many legalities and fear. [With the legal help] I was actually able to sleep again and felt in control of my life. [My attorney] was so understanding and compassionate. She kept telling me what a strong woman I was, listened and understood me. Words can't express how [my attorney] made me feel. You are very fortunate to have her on your team. My life is better for having her in it. Thank you."

"I'm able to go and come as I please without going home to someone who accuses me of doing something wrong. I liked being able to call my attorney and if message left, attorney returned my calls and was informative. I'm happy to have had the chance for the Texas Advocacy Project to accept my case. Thank you."

"My encounter with the attorney [for an intake] was great. She answered all my questions and concerns about my case. Thank you."

"Everything [in the intake interview] was discussed clearly and thoroughly. If this were not the most difficult moment in my life, I would feel happy about my meeting here."

"Intake interview went well. I appreciate the useful info given to me in terms of the legal aspects/reality of a divorce. I also appreciate the patience with scheduling times to meet."

"The attorneys here are very caring, show concern and eagerly share information. They make me feel as though they truly care about my safety and what happens to me."

"I really appreciated the mix of frankness and candor with kindness and understanding [in the intake interview]. [My attorney really did a great job helping me focus and stay on track during the interview. It was very grounding. She has given me hope of getting free from 26 years of torment and pain."

"I would like to share information on how your intake interview is helpful. They discuss a lot of information on safety. It even brings memories of the past back up and made me realize the present is a better place. The questions they ask are very forward and made me realize I made a good decision on the future. Thank y'all."

"[The intake attorney's] kindness and concern for me, my safety, my children was overwhelming. She was very informative regarding my particular situation. Thank you."

"[The intake attorney] was great! Very good to talk to! Brought up points I never thought of."

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